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The Original Rescue Brush "Firehouse 12-Pack"

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  • Firehouse 12-Pack - contains 12 individually packaged Original Rescue Brushes.
  • Bristle Angle of Attack - optimized to penetrate the space around your blade(s) for thorough cleaning.
  • Varying Bristle Length - shorter bristles offer a more rigid cleaning, while longer bristles offer a more pliable option.
  • Bristle Blend - varying bristle thickness optimized to clean different types of debris (hair, skin, soap, cream, bacteria) around your blade(s).  Red for robust cleaning and black for a polished finish.
  • Food Grade Nylon Bristles -fibers are nonporous which inhibits moisture absorption, bacterial growth and cross-contamination.  Good enough to get approval for food applications by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).
  • Quality Suction - high-grade suction provides stability for your brush and allows for hands-free cleaning.
  • Beveled Undercut - easy, comfortable access for suction cup release.
  • Durability - cut-resilient nylon fibers mounted in a solid injection molded base.
  • Low Profile - helps minimize water consumption.
  • Eco-friendly - each brush is gift-packed in a box that is made of 100% recycled content.  Additionally, proper use of this product could result in reduced landfill waste attributed to disposable razors.
  • Patent Pending design proudly Made In USA.