A brand dedicated to blade care with the goal of making every shave better.


Want a better shave?

With razors and blades always the focus, we wanted to put the shaving experience and result front and center.  The thing holding back all shaves from being better is all the gunk that clogs up the blades.

If you have ever tapped your razor against the edge of your sink in an attempt at clearing out the accumulated gunk that can collect in between your blade(s) and razor, then The Original Rescue Brush might be the solution to this problem!

The Rescue Brush is the optimal way to clean your razor to make it work like new.  No more trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the gunk by tapping it on the sink – no more wasting water to try and do the same.

"Great product! I use it every day when I shave at the firehouse."

Firefighter Matt - Los Angeles

"I will be honest and say that I don't enjoy having to shave every day I'm on duty. But once I tried Shave Rescue?

Fuhgetaboutdit! This is the best piece of shave gear that I have ever used. Period."

- Firefighter Roger - Los Angeles via Brooklyn

"This is a Game Changer."

5th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts - C. Taylor

"My wife LOVES the Rescue Brush when she uses her Gillette Venus five blade cartridge razor.  And I capitalized LOVES intentionally because she really does kind of gush to me over how spectacularly well it works for her."

Wet Shaving Expert - M. Herro


Our Patent Pending design is where functionality meets simplicity with the Original Rescue Brush, along with the quality that comes with being entirely Made in the USA.

You can expect The Original Rescue Brush to be a high quality product with lasting durability because it is entirely Made in the USA.

Why Firefighters?