I use a double-edge safety razor for shaving.  Will the Rescue Brush work for me?

It sure will. It is meant to work with all wet shave razors.


Will my razor blades cut the bristles of the brush?

The nylon bristles that we use are cut resistant and perform very well against cutting.


Does the brush work in the shower?

Absolutely. We use a high quality suction cup that sticks to pretty much any flat and hard surface.


Why submerge the brush under water?

We have found that the combination of the bristles and water provide the best cleaning results. It does, however, work without being submerged.


How often should I clean my razor over the brush?

As needed. We say that because it really depends on how much hair you are shaving, how thick it is, the type of shaving cream or lotion you are using, etc. As a general rule, if your razor isn’t efficiently cutting through the hair, or is tugging on the hair, it needs cleaning.


Why are the bristles on an angle?

They were designed this way so that the bristles can penetrate the space around your blade(s) for a thorough cleaning.


Why are some bristles longer than others?

They were designed this way to give you a variety of cleaning options. The shorter bristles offer a rigid type of cleaning, while the longer bristles offer a more pliable type of cleaning, and of course, a mix of the two everywhere in between.


What size is the brush?

From the bottom of the suction cup to the tallest bristles it is 2 inches tall. The block (Maltese Cross shape) is 2.75 inches long by 2.75 inches wide.


How do I clean my brush?

We recommend a thorough rinsing at the end of your shave, similar to the way you would clean your toothbrush after brushing!


I’m having trouble releasing the suction of the brush from my sink, any advice?

We wanted to use quality suction in order to properly secure the brush for the duration of your shave. That means that sometimes you might find it difficult to remove. We have designed the brush block with a beveled bottom side to give you easier access to the suction. Try  sliding it over an edge (drainage hole, tile edge, etc) and it should release. If not, try lifting an edge by prying a thin object under the cup to break the seal.